the Runs - Shitzkrieg 2014 tour of the Great Northwest

Rocked and Roaded:

  • April 23 Wed - Ashland, OR - Club 66
  • April 24 Thur - Portland, OR - Slabtown - with Piefight
  • April 25 Frid - Boise, ID - The Shredder - with Blunt Devices
  • April 26 Sat - Reno, NV - Shea's Tavern
  • Jonny Manak and the Depressives with the Jim Jones Revue HOLY SHIT!

    Friday April 25 - The Blank Club, San Jose

    Garage Punk San Jose vs Garage Punk UK
    The winner will be decided on April 25th. My vote is that the winner will be WHOEVER GOES TO THE FUCKIN' SHOW. Manak, Bobby, and Thor are back and ready to kick your ass.

    But, if you're in Boise, go see the Runs.

    Jonny Manak and the Depressives - Primitive Sounds for a Modern World

    VINYL ONLY release on REACH AROUND and SELF DESTRUCTO RECORDS by the Turbojugend. The Depressives are BACK with a new record. SEVEN new kick-ass studio Cup O' Pizza recordings on the Marcia side, and SEVEN rawer tracks live on Oscar Hox's Record Roundup on KFJC on the Jan side.

    New Release Special - Get the full length LP and a JMD T-shirt for song at Turbojugend

    the Runs - Pretty Girls EP

    The long awaited follow up to Wet Sounds is available on VINYL ($6 - cheap) and digital download at cdbaby. It's also at local record stores...get a list here. Ramonesy punk that'll please you more than a roll of 2-ply at a highway rest stop. Check it out!